Curve Down

I believe we should all be happy with who we are and love ourselves for what we are, words I refuse to use are – obese, diet, lose weight, fat, overweight and all those other horrible labels people use.

However not everyone is totally happy with their weight or might want to lose weight for any range of personal reasons and if this is your choice I support it and embrace it totally.

So I developed Curve Down, so I can post things that I feel will help encourage you on your journey to wellness and to be happy about yourself and your choices and make informed decisions about how to Curve Down naturally and safely, in a way that nurtures you and your beautiful body.

I will also share the changes in my own body as I heal my Diastasis Recti, adjust my life with Celiacs Disease, heal my PCOS and let go of emotional baggage that caused me to gain weight and keep it on.

I love my curvy body and wouldn’t change it for the world, but sometimes my hormones go out of whack or my food allergies exacerbate and I retain fluid or bloat and then the hourglass just needs to lose a few minutes 😉


Aurora xx

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