November 14, 2013
by Curvy Goodness

My PCOS Part 1

I have been asked to post my story so here is it.

From my sister page The Path Beyond

**Please note I am very graphic with my details in this blog**

When I was young about 15 I  suffered with heavy periods and mind numbing cramps when I had my period, so, as they do, I was put on the pill, that lasted all of about a month, I felt so ill I went off it and forgot about it, learning to deal with the pain instead, using hot packs and a Panadol.

As I got older, around 17 -19 I had horrible pains, which I would later learn through my own investigations was Mittelschmerz, lower abdominal pain that occurs in women at or around the time of an egg is released from the ovaries (ovulation). However I was told it was stress and to just relax and when that didn’t help and I actually passed out from the pain one day, I has in hospital having my appendix out!  That was the “diagnosis”

I continued to have pain and as I also had undiagnosed Fibromyalgia, I wasn’t sure half the time where the pain was coming from, I simply hurt all over and now I was developing new symptoms, hemorrhaging, massive clots and just feeling sick all the time, doctor after doctor would see me and send me away with new medications, which never worked and only made things worse, I was diagnosed with the same banner they put people in when they fit into the “too hard basket” depression! I had never had a depressed day in my life so I refused to believe it and also refused to take the anti-depressants they were trying to get me to take.

I went on about my life, got married and worked, usually with a lot of pain, but I just thought I was lazy and so I pushed through, I started to gain weight around 19, being told now that THIS was what the problem was, I needed to lose weight and all my problems would go away, I hasten to add I wasn’t even overweight, merely well-developed and curvaceous, however the weight did continue to pile on and then all of a sudden I missed several periods, I would go over a year with no period at all, “lose weight, you’ll be right” was all I was told, so I did, I lost weight and now my periods returned with a vengeance, back to the hemorrhaging, massive clots and just feeling sick all the time, now I was passing hard polyps and in and out of hospital having Dilation (or dilatation) and curettage (D&C) they would find large polyps and remove them then I would go home and nothing would change.

One day after D&C I was recovering in the hospital when I felt this horrible pain in my stomach, as I had put up with so much pain for so many years I just laid there, when the nurse came in I asked her for some pain relief, “you don’t look like someone in pain” she said, I rolled around in pain for a while then felt so sick I was on my way to the bathroom when I felt one of those horrible gushes and onto the floor was blood and a large polyp, when I pressed the button and the nurse came in she looked at me, looked at the floor and said “oh my you must have been in a lot of pain” duh!!

The doctor told me there wasn’t much to report and to go home, I did, and I continued on the cycle of heavy periods and no periods. Not game enough to continue seeing a doctor or telling anyone how bad I felt, I simply continued on.

After many years of this roller coaster of pain, hemorrhaging, anaemia, fatigue and sheer frustration, I wanted to get pregnant, but by now I was not even having a period, at all again!!. I was not coping at all well, especially when the doctors told me I would never be able to conceive due to the lack of ovulation.

To be continued…………

August 19, 2013
by Curvy Goodness

It’s all about you!

It doesn’t matter what size you are, how much you weigh, if you are male of female, if you are a vegan or eat meat, none of it matters.

What does matter is what is right for you! in my posts I try to blog about the things I have experience in for example Celiac Disease or eating for PCOS and POTS. All issues I deal with every day, however what works for me may not work for you.

We are bombarded by people via social networking sites and web pages who have a belief system and claim that to be the “best” thing since sliced bread, well it’s not always the case. Take for example, vegan eating, this is a way of life for many people, some do it for ethical reasons, some for religious beliefs and some for health reasons, all of them valid reasons and to be respected. But that doesn’t make it right for you or me, same with people who eat meat, if that is their choice, then they should not be judged as wrong or unhealthy, absolutely not!

I tried eating vegan for a while, not because I didn’t want to save the worlds cow and pig population but because I was on a discovery of what would help my symptoms and maybe help in my recovery. Eating a vegan was not for me, it is hard to be a vegan when you can’t eat: – Soy, corn, dairy, carrots, root vegetables, gluten, nuts, any grains, onions, garlic or any deadly night shades, no spicy food, coconut cream or milk, sugar, even honey or fruits, add to that an egg allergy and even being vegetarian was out of the question. I still don’t eat red meat and the fish I do eat comes from my local ocean of Mooloolaba and the chicken I eat is 100% organic and not grain fed. That is my choice!

So I had to try something else, however eating this way did help me to discover all my allergies, as listed above, some people might see that list and think, wow she must just be fussy, who is allergic to all of those things? My friend laughed when I told her I was allergic to carrots, I doubt she would laugh if she saw the swollen red tongue eating carrots causes me. Even I was shocked and trust me I am far from a fuss pot.

So I decided I needed to work out what worked for me, not what some Paleo expert decided I needed, or some raw vegan activist, or even an Ayurvedic Doctor, but what worked for me!

My way of eating is based loosely around the Paleo philosophy, mainly because I don’t eat grains, sugar, root vegetables, etc but unlike the Paleo diet, I can’t eat a lot of things they recommend, so you see, this is the right diet for me and it has no label, it is just mine.

It has taken me 50 years to work out all of the things my body can’t tolerate and the things my body will just simply not accept at all! It was a long hard slog of stomach cramps, diarrhea, nausea and itchy rashes, but I finally discovered what works for me. I had to, I was slowly dying and trying to go by anyone elses rules just wasnt working for me. My body was a product of 50 years of eating foods that I am allergic to, slowly but surely destroying the inner lining of my gut, inflaming my liver and spleen, and causing me so much pain and fatigue, but even the failsafe diet, which is the diet they give you to test for allergies did work for me, nor the FODMAP diet. I had to adopt a new way of eating to heal myself and it was the “Aurora” way of eating.

I get asked how I cope when I can’t eat out, or have a cake or a coffee when I’m out, or a glass of wine, my reply to that is, why would I want to eat anything that is slowly killing me? I mean seriously? why would you? I’ve never drank alcohol anyway, that and coffee were two of my innate “no no’s” my body just never tolerated them.

Never let anyone tell you what is right for you, or take on what has worked for someone else, unless it resonates with you and your own inner system, take a part of what you learn along the way and add it to the other parts you pick up on your dietary travels, Work out what is right for you and never give up and never give in.

Aurora xx

No Labels

August 11, 2013
by Curvy Goodness

Meet Stella

Isn’t she beautiful?

I read Stella’s story on a blog named Humans of New York, I have PCOS and I can relate to her story, she is a very strong remarkable young lady.

Stellas Story
as featured here
I struggled with body image my whole life. As a young teen, I was diagnosed with Polycystic ovarian syndrome. PCOS makes it incredibly hard to lose weight, and spikes up your insulin levels which can lead to diabetes and other complications. I felt like I was just getting bigger and bigger and could do nothing to stop it. I was so awkward and uncomfortable with what I looked like that I began to self-medicate in the way most teenagers do, except it was to a scary excess. Finally, my parents intervened and when I was 15 I got the help I needed. The past 2 and a half years have essentially been a struggle to come to terms with who I am and live life in a constructive, not destructive manner.

A couple weeks ago, I started a blog, just as a way to get out my thoughts and feelings. I found the body acceptance movement online, and it was like my eyes were open for the first time. I realized that my size or weight is not something to be ashamed of, it is a part of me. Health and weight are not synonymous, and I know that to be healthy means to manage my sobriety and PCOS the best that I can. I may not ever be thin, but that’s okay. It’s all about progress, not perfection.

So I posted a picture of myself in my underwear with a message to all the people who’d ever bullied me about what I looked like. Amazingly, in less than a week, it got over 50,000 likes and reblogs. It’s upwards of 80,000 now, and the response has been 90% positive, I would say.

Two friends of mine, Savanna and Lucy, are in the process of planning a documentary on sizeism and its effect on young girls. My dream is to go back to my middle school, where all my body image issues began, and work with young girls on the issues of self-esteem, body image, sizeism, and bullying. I want to give these girls something I never knew, which was that your body does not define who you are as a person. To people who judge people on their size, weight, pants size or health – shame on you. No one is the authority on beauty, and everyone has a different road to trudge to happy destiny.

Photo credit “Humans of New York”


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August 11, 2013
by Curvy Goodness

To be or not to be – Gluten Free

It’s everywhere, Gluten Free this Gluten Free that, some think its the latest fad and some think its a new age hippy way of eating. You only need to ask at a counter of a deli or even a chemist if the item you are buying is gluten-free, and see the stunned blank look of “gluten who”? to know that some simply think you are just being fussy. But they don’t know that eating gluten could kill me.

For many people trying gluten-free eating has been a blessing, helping them to lose weight, ease bloating, help calm digestive issues and help manage pain – i.e. joint pain or perhaps putting a halt to migraines.

No matter why you decide to go gluten-free, I am sure it has to be a good thing! There are many positives and even for some , like me, it is life saving.

So What Is Gluten?

Gluten is a protein molecule that is found in foods such as wheat, rye and barley. It is the name given to a protein fraction found in grains called prolamins. It is these prolamins which are often harmful. Gluten is also hidden in a lot of foods and this is why, when people go on a gluten-free diet and don’t notice any difference, they are more than likely eating hidden gluten, it is everywhere.

Should We Eat Grain?

Based on the development of our human digestive system we are not supposed to eat grains at all. Especially not the quantity or poor quality highly processed grains that many people eat far too much of. You may not feel that you can eliminate grains completely for one reason or another. If you are not ready to do this that’s ok, many people find that they feel much better when they decrease wheat and other grains from their diet and avoid highly processed grains, eating only whole grains. Start there and see how you feel, I’m sure it won’t be too long until you consider cutting the amount of grain in your diet more or even eliminating them from your diet completely. I did and it made a HUGE difference.

But It Doesn’t Affect Me Why Should I Stop Eating It?

Many people think that gluten doesn’t affect them because they eat foods containing gluten all of the time and feel fine. blood tests from your doctor can determine if you have a gluten allergy or intolerance, but I find the best and most reliable test, is to eliminate all grains from your diet apart from corn, rice, buckwheat and millet for 2 weeks. If you feel better when you are not eating it, the chances are that you have a gluten intolerance. I find that with most of my allergies and intolerances, that I have to be off them for a month or more, then reintroduce them ONE at a time, then I can tell what it was that caused a reaction.

Effects Of Gluten

By far the most serious reaction for people sensitive to gluten is that experienced by people suffering from Celiac disease. When people with Celiac Disease eat gluten the lining of their small intestine becomes inflamed and the gluten protein is seen as an invader destroying the villi.  Villi are Microscopic finger-like projections that line the inner wall of the small intestine.  After food passes from the stomach into the small intestine, nutrients in the food are absorbed into the body through the villi. Every person has millions of villi in his intestines.

In people with untreated celiac disease, inflammation in the small intestine makes the villi shrink and flatten.  This reduces the surface area of the intestines and the ability to absorb nutrients properly. Untreated celiac disease can be life threatening. Celiacs are more likely to be afflicted with problems relating to malabsorption, including osteoporosis, tooth enamel defects, central and peripheral nervous system disease, pancreatic disease, internal hemorrhaging, organ disorders (gall bladder, liver, and spleen), and gynecological disorders. Untreated celiac disease has also been linked an increased risk of certain types of cancer, especially intestinal lymphoma.

There are no drugs to treat celiac disease and there is no cure. But celiacs can lead normal, healthy lives by following a gluten free diet. This means avoiding all products derived from wheat, rye, and barley.

What if Your Tests are OK?

I was told I did not have a gluten issue or intolerance, I knew I did, I know my body better than any Doctor and I knew that when I ate gluten I felt sick!  It wasnt until I saw a new Dr, who was also an allergy specialist did I actually get a Genetic test for Celiac Disease. It was positive.  What did this mean? well to the lay Dr nothing, unless I had an endoscopy to determine if the gluten had killed off my Villi and my inflammation was caused by this, then no one would diagnose me with Celiac Disease. To get this test done I had to eat copious amounts of gluten for 6 weeks before the test to make sure it was indeed killing me. I refused!

I went back to my local Dr, who, after seeing the positive gene test, seeing the rash I get when I eat gluten and knowing my history diagnosed me on the spot!

This is the stupidest thing in this whole idiotic process of getting a celiac diagnosis….The gene, which I have, can activate at anytime during your life, for any reason, its like a celiac ticking time bomb, stress might trigger it, or nothing might, it might just decide to activate of it own accord, maybe even a week or a day after these invasive tests, so why on earth, when we don’t need gluten to survive would people with the gene actually take the risk?

Celiacs Disease is genetic and I have told my family members all of this information, to date not one of them have had the simple blood test to define if they also carry the gene….Tick Tick Tick!

I am extremely pro active with my celiac disease that even my husband is gluten-free, so there is no cross contamination in our house. So when I go out and am told things are gluten-free to discover later they are not, it really gets my goat and they sure know about it, I have not put one speck of gluten in my mouth, on my body, on my hair, lips or otherwise, since my diagnosis, so I wont let anyone else mess that up!

I will continue to share my gluten-free stories and how I cope being totally grain free in future blogs including my experiences with hair and face care items that are certified gluten-free and why I use them.

Love Aurora


July 15, 2013
by Curvy Goodness

Cancer in a can?

This article written by Dr Mercola was interesting and scary, whilst I don’t eat Pringles due to the wheat in them I was shocked to find out the answer to my question of..”why would chips have wheat as an additive” Read below to find out why.

By Dr. Mercola
To understand the nature of Pringles and other stackable chips, forget the notion that they come from actual potatoes in any recognizable way.

The Pringles Company (in an effort to avoid taxes levied against “luxury foods” like chips in the UK) once even argued that the potato content of their chips was so low that they are technically not even potato chips.

So if they’re not made of potatoes, what are they exactly?

The process begins with a slurry of rice, wheat, corn, and potato flakes that are pressed into shape.

This dough-like substance is then rolled out into an ultra-thin sheet cut into chip-cookies by a machine.

According to io9:

“The chips move forward on a conveyor belt until they’re pressed onto molds, which give them the curve that makes them fit into one another.

Those molds move through boiling oil … Then they’re blown dry, sprayed with powdered flavors, and at last, flipped onto a slower-moving conveyor belt in a way that allows them to stack.

From then on, it’s into the cans … and off towards the innocent mouths of the consumers.”

I suspect nearly everyone reading this likely enjoys the taste of potato chips. However, they are clearly one of the most toxic processed foods you can eat—whether they’re made from actual potato shavings or not.

Potato Chips are Loaded with Cancer-Causing Chemical

One of the most hazardous ingredients in potato chips is not intentionally added, but rather is a byproduct of the processing.

Acrylamide, a cancer-causing and potentially neurotoxic chemical, is created when carbohydrate-rich foods are cooked at high temperatures, whether baked, fried, roasted or toasted. Some of the worst offenders include potato chips and French fries, but many foods cooked or processed at temperatures above 212°F (100°C) may contain acrylamide. As a general rule, the chemical is formed when food is heated enough to produce a fairly dry and brown/yellow surface. Hence, it can be found in:

  • Potatoes: chips, French fries and other roasted or fried potato foods
  • Grains: bread crust, toast, crisp bread, roasted breakfast cereals and various processed snacks
  • Coffee; roasted coffee beans and ground coffee powder. Surprisingly, coffee substitutes based on chicory actually contains 2-3 times MORE acrylamide than real coffee

How Much Acrylamide are You Consuming?

The federal limit for acrylamide in drinking water is 0.5 parts per billion, or about 0.12 micrograms in an eight-ounce glass of water. However, a six-ounce serving of French fries can contain 60 micrograms of acrylamide, or about FIVE HUNDRED times over the allowable limit.

Similarly, potato chips are notoriously high in this dangerous chemical. So high, in fact, that in 2005 the state of California actually sued potato chip makers for failing to warn California consumers about the health risks of acrylamide in their products. A settlement was reached in 2008 when Frito-Lay and several other potato chip makers agreed to reduce the acrylamide levels in their chips to 275 parts per billion (ppb) by 2011, which is low enough to avoid needing a cancer warning label.

The 2005 report “How Potato Chips Stack Up: Levels of Cancer-Causing Acrylamide in Popular Brands of Potato Chips,” issued by the California-basedEnvironmental Law Foundation (ELF), spelled out the dangers of this popular snack. Their analysis found that all potato chip products tested exceeded the legal limit of acrylamide by a minimum of 39 times, and as much as 910 times! Some of the worst offenders at that time included:

  • Cape Cod Robust Russet: 910 times the legal limit of acrylamide
  • Kettle Chips (lightly salted): 505 times
  • Kettle Chips (honey dijon): 495 times

Beware: Baked Chips May Be WORSE than Fried!

If you think you can avoid the health risks of potato chips by choosing baked varieties, which are typically advertised as being “healthier,” think again. Remember that acrylamide is formed not only when foods are fried or broiled, but also when they are baked. And according to U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) data on acrylamide levels in foods, baked chips may contain more than three times the level of acrylamide as regular chips!

Interestingly, the same trend holds true for other foods, too, which suggests that baking processed potatoes at high temperature may be one of the worst ways to cook them. For instance, according to the FDA’s data, Ore Ida Golden Fries contained 107 ppb of acrylamide in the regular fried version and 1,098 when baked. So remember, ALL potato chips contain acrylamide, regardless of whether they are natural or not; baked or fried. Likewise, they will ALL influence your insulin levels in a very negative way.

Acrylamide is Not the Only Danger

Acrylamide is not the only dangerous genotoxic compound formed when food is heated to high temperatures.

A three-year long EU project, known as Heat-Generated Food Toxicants (HEATOX)whose findings were published at the end of 2007, found there are more than 800 heat-induced compounds, of which 52 are potential carcinogens. In addition to their finding that acrylamide does pose a public health threat, the HEATOX scientists also discovered that you’re far less likely to ingest dangerous levels of the toxin when you eat home-cooked foodscompared to industrially or restaurant-prepared foods.

Additionally, the HEATOX findings also suggest that although there are ways to decrease exposure to acrylamide, it cannot be eliminated completely.

According to their calculations, successful application of all presently known methods would reduce the acrylamide intake by40 percent at the most—which makes me wonder whether chip manufacturers have really succeeded at this point in reducing acrylamide levels to within legal limits… There’s no updated data as of yet, so there’s no telling whether they’ve been able to comply with the 2005 settlement.

For more in-depth information about acrylamide, I recommend reading the online report Heat-generated Food Toxicants, Identification, Characterization and Risk Minimization.  In general however, just remember that cooking food at high temperatures is ill advised. A few of the most well-known toxins created in high-temperature cooking include:

  • Heterocyclic Amines (HCAs): These form when meat is cooked at high temperatures, and they’re also linked to cancer. In terms of HCA, the worst part of the meat is the blackened section, which is why you should always avoid charring your meat, and never eat blackened sections.
  • Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAHs): When fat drips onto the heat source, causing excess smoke, and the smoke surrounds your food, it can transfer cancer-causing PAHs to the meat.
  • Advanced Glycation End Products (AGEs): When food is cooked at high temperatures (including when it is pasteurized or sterilized), it increases the formation of AGEs in your food. When you eat the food, it transfers the AGEs into your body. AGEs build up in your body over time leading to oxidative stress, inflammation and an increased risk of heart disease, diabetes and kidney disease.

The Search for a “Healthful” Chip Continues…

Like a modern-day search for the Holy Grail, chip manufacturers keep searching for methods to improve the image of their health-harming but profitable snacks. For example, by the end of 2011, about half of Pepsi’s Frito-Lay brand snacks will be reformulated with all-natural ingredients. The switch is part of PepsiCo’s master plan to tap into the healthy foods market share. The Wall Street Journal recently reported the company hopes to boost their nutrition business from $10 billion to $30 billion by 2020.

The company will remove dietary hazards like monosodium glutamate (MSG), replacing it with natural seasonings, such as molasses and paprika. Artificial colors will be replaced with beet juice, purple cabbage and carrots. All in all, about different 60 snacks are scheduled to get an all-natural makeover.

This is certainly a good example of how consumer demand can alter the direction of food manufacturers in a positive way.

The reformulated chips may end up being less bad for you than the original formulations. However, chips will never be truly healthful. All-natural chips may be the lesser of two evils, but if consumed regularly, they will still push your health in the wrong direction… There’s no getting away from the fact that modern plagues such as cancer, heart disease, obesity, and diabetes have a dietary component, and potato chips and French fries will always be a losing bet if you want to avoid becoming another disease statistic.

Healthy Eating Made Easy

Aside from creating potentially toxic byproducts, cooking and processing also depletes the food of valuable micronutrients, which is another reason for eating as much raw food as possible. This includes protein sources such as eggs. Raw whole eggs from organic, pastured chickens are an incredible source of high-quality nutrients that many are deficient in. Raw milk is another good example of a food that is beneficial in its raw state but becomes harmful after it is pasteurized.

By opting for foods that will benefit your health, such as raw, preferably organic and/or locally-grown vegetables, organic grass-fed meats, healthy oils, raw dairy, nuts and seeds, you can change your health for the better. These are the foods that are truly natural, and quite easy to prepare once you get the hang of it.

Remember, eating fresh whole foods is the “secret” to getting healthier, losing weight and really enjoying your food. It’s unfortunate that so many are under the mistaken belief that it’s “next to impossible” to create a meal without processed foods.

Once you get used to it, you’ll find you can whip up a healthful meal from scratch in the same amount of time it would have taken you to drive down the street to pick up fast food. The main difference will be greater satisfaction, both physically and mentally, and perhaps even financially, as processed foods typically end up being more expensive than cooking from scratch.


July 3, 2013
by Curvy Goodness

I’m Buzzing!

I am so excited, it is all go here at Aurora-Central.

Curvy Goodness has been so well accepted and I have been overwhelmed by the support and the love shown from you all, my other page The Path Beyond has also been abuzz.

So what is this all about? well, in the past few weeks since opening Curvy Goodness, I have connected with some amazing and inspirational people and been asked to host my own radio show, participate in talks and seminars and to please do my Psychic Development Classes over Skype so that it can reach people internationally!

So there was a conundrum, how do I entwine them all so that everyone would be able to get what they need from one place, so Mr D and I sat down and decided to combine both pages into one, which we are in the process of doing right now….so hold tight and all will be revealed soon!!

Much Love and Gratitude

Aurora xx


July 1, 2013
by Curvy Goodness

**Revised** No Flour, no oil, no white sugar, yumminess!

Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Bites **REVISED MrD’s recipe**

No Flour, no oil, no white sugar.

These are lovely “cakes” that my husband has perfected for our taste and dietary needs, so I have revised the recipe and I think it works even better.

1 400gram can of Chick peas well-rinsed and patted dry with a paper towel
1 teaspoons vanilla extract (optional) Use gluten free and organic
1/2 cup + 2 tablespoons (165 grams) natural peanut butter
1/4 cup or 80 grams cup Agave (use honey if you prefer)
1 teaspoon baking powder (Gluten Free)
45 grams of Cacao chips (or dairy free chocolate chips)
45 grams of dried mulberries (use raisins or blueberries or any other dried fruit you like with out sulphur)

** If you need grain-free baking powder, you can use 1 part cream of tartar + 1 part baking soda + 2 parts arrowroot.

Preheat your oven to 350°F / 175°C.

Combine all the ingredients, except for the chocolate chips and the mulberries in a food processor and process until very smooth. Make sure to scrape the sides and the top to get the little chunks of chickpeas and process again until they’re combined. Then gently stir in the Cacao chips or chocolate chips and the dried fruit till mixed, place into silicone or muffin tray and bake for 20 mins at 350°F / 175°C.



You can find the original recipe Here

July 1, 2013
by Curvy Goodness
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Try growing your own sprouts. All you need are some seeds, a large, clean jar and some netted fabric secured with a band. Soak seeds that have been thoroughly rinsed for the first 24 hours in filtered cool water, draining and refreshing the water several times. Store in the dark. Then rinse twice a day with fresh clean water and set in sunlight Your sprouts will be ready to eat in a week.

Some of the easiest sprouts to grow are alfalfa, fenugreek, radish, broccoli, mung beans, onion, cabbage, mustard seeds, chickpeas, quinoa, lentils and pea sprouts. For most sprouts, continue to sprout them until they have developed a long tail or their first leaves have begun to go green. In the case of chickpeas, quinoa, pea sprouts, and lentils, they are ready to eat as soon as their tails begin to unfurl or emerge from the seed.

Sprouts are also healing and therapeutic, cleansing and alkalizing, and filled with antiaging antioxidants. Because they are so high in minerals and enzymes, they facilitate digestion, detoxification, and weight loss. And they taste fantastic too!

*Benefits to Sprouting

· concentrated source of protein

· concentrated source of vitamin A, B, C, and E

· concentrated source of antioxidants

· concentrated source of minerals

· source of fiber

· source of chlorophyll

· source of essential fatty acids

· nutrients are more easily digested

· alkalizing to the body