Curvy Goodness is my public journal for my journey to wellness.

It is all my thoughts and good finds on what has helped me to combat the health issues that have been plaguing me for over 30 years now and how changes in my mind, body, spirit and beauty are helping me to heal. I am happy to share them all with you and if they can help you then this will make me very happy.

I currently have been diagnosed with:

PCOS – Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome
Hyper Pots – Hyperadrenergic Postural Tachycardia Syndrome
Celiacs Disease
Metabolic Disorder

I could write a book on how I got to where I am now and how hard it has been to get a diagnosis and how I was told I would never have children but then gave birth to two beautiful daughters and the criticism I have faced and the judgmental people who enter and quickly exit my life. However all I really want to share with you is the happiness in my life and how I stopped the endless carousel of Drs visits and blood tests and decided to take my own health into my own hands and have walked that road now for over 20 years, stumbling along the way, meeting people who try to bring me down, some who succeed and most who don’t but have an impact on my life and i grow from the experience.

I will share with you my stories on how I got pregnant and how I got my diagnosis once I stopped asking the Drs to work it out.

So please look around and read and enjoy, take from this website what resonates with you and leave the rest as this is my journey and I wish you well on yours.

Much Love to you all

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