It’s all about you!

It doesn’t matter what size you are, how much you weigh, if you are male of female, if you are a vegan or eat meat, none of it matters.

What does matter is what is right for you! in my posts I try to blog about the things I have experience in for example Celiac Disease or eating for PCOS and POTS. All issues I deal with every day, however what works for me may not work for you.

We are bombarded by people via social networking sites and web pages who have a belief system and claim that to be the “best” thing since sliced bread, well it’s not always the case. Take for example, vegan eating, this is a way of life for many people, some do it for ethical reasons, some for religious beliefs and some for health reasons, all of them valid reasons and to be respected. But that doesn’t make it right for you or me, same with people who eat meat, if that is their choice, then they should not be judged as wrong or unhealthy, absolutely not!

I tried eating vegan for a while, not because I didn’t want to save the worlds cow and pig population but because I was on a discovery of what would help my symptoms and maybe help in my recovery. Eating a vegan was not for me, it is hard to be a vegan when you can’t eat: – Soy, corn, dairy, carrots, root vegetables, gluten, nuts, any grains, onions, garlic or any deadly night shades, no spicy food, coconut cream or milk, sugar, even honey or fruits, add to that an egg allergy and even being vegetarian was out of the question. I still don’t eat red meat and the fish I do eat comes from my local ocean of Mooloolaba and the chicken I eat is 100% organic and not grain fed. That is my choice!

So I had to try something else, however eating this way did help me to discover all my allergies, as listed above, some people might see that list and think, wow she must just be fussy, who is allergic to all of those things? My friend laughed when I told her I was allergic to carrots, I doubt she would laugh if she saw the swollen red tongue eating carrots causes me. Even I was shocked and trust me I am far from a fuss pot.

So I decided I needed to work out what worked for me, not what some Paleo expert decided I needed, or some raw vegan activist, or even an Ayurvedic Doctor, but what worked for me!

My way of eating is based loosely around the Paleo philosophy, mainly because I don’t eat grains, sugar, root vegetables, etc but unlike the Paleo diet, I can’t eat a lot of things they recommend, so you see, this is the right diet for me and it has no label, it is just mine.

It has taken me 50 years to work out all of the things my body can’t tolerate and the things my body will just simply not accept at all! It was a long hard slog of stomach cramps, diarrhea, nausea and itchy rashes, but I finally discovered what works for me. I had to, I was slowly dying and trying to go by anyone elses rules just wasnt working for me. My body was a product of 50 years of eating foods that I am allergic to, slowly but surely destroying the inner lining of my gut, inflaming my liver and spleen, and causing me so much pain and fatigue, but even the failsafe diet, which is the diet they give you to test for allergies did work for me, nor the FODMAP diet. I had to adopt a new way of eating to heal myself and it was the “Aurora” way of eating.

I get asked how I cope when I can’t eat out, or have a cake or a coffee when I’m out, or a glass of wine, my reply to that is, why would I want to eat anything that is slowly killing me? I mean seriously? why would you? I’ve never drank alcohol anyway, that and coffee were two of my innate “no no’s” my body just never tolerated them.

Never let anyone tell you what is right for you, or take on what has worked for someone else, unless it resonates with you and your own inner system, take a part of what you learn along the way and add it to the other parts you pick up on your dietary travels, Work out what is right for you and never give up and never give in.

Aurora xx

No Labels


  1. ‘Like!!!”

    I take a little from column A and a little from column B and a little from the rest of the alphabet, but only AFTER I check in with my own intuition and how my body reacts to what ever I put in it. If we pay attention and listen close enough the body speaks in volumes!

    The key is to find the balance…our own balance. We’re the ones walking the tight rope!

    Love you

    • Curvy Goodness

      Thanks Christine, You are an inspiration and I love to watch your growth on this subject as well 🙂
      That little voice inside ( the intuition ) always knows whats right thats for sure.

      I love the tight rope analogue!

      Love you too


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