Try growing your own sprouts. All you need are some seeds, a large, clean jar and some netted fabric secured with a band. Soak seeds that have been thoroughly rinsed for the first 24 hours in filtered cool water, draining and refreshing the water several times. Store in the dark. Then rinse twice a day with fresh clean water and set in sunlight Your sprouts will be ready to eat in a week.

Some of the easiest sprouts to grow are alfalfa, fenugreek, radish, broccoli, mung beans, onion, cabbage, mustard seeds, chickpeas, quinoa, lentils and pea sprouts. For most sprouts, continue to sprout them until they have developed a long tail or their first leaves have begun to go green. In the case of chickpeas, quinoa, pea sprouts, and lentils, they are ready to eat as soon as their tails begin to unfurl or emerge from the seed.

Sprouts are also healing and therapeutic, cleansing and alkalizing, and filled with antiaging antioxidants. Because they are so high in minerals and enzymes, they facilitate digestion, detoxification, and weight loss. And they taste fantastic too!

*Benefits to Sprouting

· concentrated source of protein

· concentrated source of vitamin A, B, C, and E

· concentrated source of antioxidants

· concentrated source of minerals

· source of fiber

· source of chlorophyll

· source of essential fatty acids

· nutrients are more easily digested

· alkalizing to the body


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