Just because your vegetarian doesn’t always mean you’re a nice person!

Let me start by saying that due to my own health issues I have had to cut meat from my diet, so even though I am vegan at the moment, I haven’t always been and I didn’t jump onto the Vego band wagon because it was a New Age fad. If it doesn’t improve my health I will modify my diet once again.

I respect everyone’s choices, to eat meat or not eat meat, hell I don’t care if you eat yellow rubber tyres, as long as it is your choice.

However this week, this particular issue has been presented to me in three different ways and on three different platforms – a post by a buddhist, an acquaintance and a visit to the local organic shop up the road.

Let me explain. I woke up to a rather upset practicing Buddhist who was venting how he had made a comment supporting the Dalai Lama and how he was now being scolded for doing so as the vegetarians didn’t believe he should support someone who eats meat. Anyone who knows anything about the Dalai Lama will know that he also was told by his doctors that for his own health he needed to eat meat and so he began to, whilst still having compassion for the animals. Does that make him a bad person? Well if him eating meat makes him a bad person, does that make Hitler, who was a vegetarian, a nice person?

I also have a holier-than-thou acquaintance who believes if you are not eating the way she believes is the best way and eating raw vegan then you simply are not as good a person as her. Does being a Raw Vegan make her a nice person? Hell no! I try to avoid her as much as I can as she is the most judgemental person I know.

Then to top the hat trick off, we went for our usual shopping trip to our quaint local organic store where all the employees there are lovely and always smiling and we were at the check out and a couple in front of us had only just found the store and made their first purchase. Hubby was unloading our organic delights onto the counter whilst I was listening to the conversation about the loyalty card with the couple in front of us. “do you have a loyalty card?” the girl serving them asked, “No” replied the man and asked what it was, she went on to explain that when you make a purchase you present it and you are rewarded with points per dollars spent. The man seemed interested and asked a few more questions, “well we want the points now can’t we get them now” interrupted the woman who was accompanying the man, “no sorry as you have already completed this transaction you will need to wait until the next shop, but you can do it then” the girl behind the counter explained with a smile. “well shouldn’t you be up selling it?!!” the woman exclaimed and huffed off.

I smiled at the cashier and said, “wow how rude, you should have told her this isn’t Macdonalds” and we all had a good laugh, as I walked off I put my arm in my husbands and said, just because you are healthy or vegetarian, doesn’t mean you are a nice person.

Some people need to know that if they want a healthy body, fuelling it with good healthy organic food is a great start, but poisoning the good work with negative words or judgmental and hateful thoughts only make you a person who doesn’t eat meat….nothing more!



  1. Christine

    A label doesn’t make you a nice person. It simply makes you a person with a label.

    Be careful of your own judgement with regard to such people.

    Ps: no where in buddhism does it say that being vego is mandatory. Many buddhist Lamas, Rinpoches and Geshes eat meat. They tend to switch to vego when they’re in retreat or in the monasteries because the monasteries usually only serve vego meals.


    Keep em coming!

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